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March Tech Night - Will Jordain from ICOM

March 17, 2017 - SFTARC Tech Night hosted Will Jourdain from Icom via Skype. Will talked about the radios that Icom is bringing out over the next several months. Icom is releasing a wideband receiver called the IC-R8600 that uses SDR technology to receive signals from 10 KHz to 3 GHz. It can decode many of the digital modes like D-STAR, NXDN, dPMR and APCO P25. The unit uses FPGA and DSP architecture to get the signal in the digital domain early in the signal chain which helped achieve its high performance. I/Q signals will be available so that third party SDR software can be used.

Will also talked about the IC-7851 HF/50MHz transceiver.  The IC-7851 has been reviewed in QST and is getting great reviews on its performance.  It makes use of the LCD and touch screen to make a lot of the menu items easily available to the user. The USB connector makes interfacing to a PC easy and there is an Ethernet jack for network connection.

Will also discussed the rest of the HF line of transceivers.

Home RFI Solution

RFIFor those who have struggled with RFI in the home here is my solution to the interference.


Home RFI Solution

RFIFor those who have struggled with RFI at the home station here is my solution to the interference.

 Over the past few years I have had an annoying set of evenly spaced tones that interfered with my 2M, 6M and UHF reception at home. The noise could be heard for about 100 ft from the house and then dropped off quickly. RF suppressors on the cables did not reduce the noise source.

My final solution proved to be replacing my 4 port Ethernet switch which was located near my radios. The low cost plastic case switch (LinkSys 10/100 5 port SW) was replaced with a another low cost switch with a metal case (Netgear FS10). I still have some interference on 6M but I also have another Ethernet switch downstairs that may be an additional source for 6M interference.

March Tech Demo










Will Jourdain AA4WJ from ICOM USA (left) was interviewed by Tim Duffy K3LR (right) on YouTube.  Check out the interview at


Will Jourdain will be our March Tech Demo presenter via Skype.  He will discuss what’s happening at ICOM and answer any questions we may have, so come prepared. 


The Tech Night will be at Olathe City Hall, in rooms 1310, 1320, 1330, on March 17, 2017 from 19:00-21:00.